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Trevose House Therapy is a professional and caring private practice located in central Fareham, Hampshire and is easily accessible from the M27, A27 and by train and bus.

Sabine Braines IAEBP


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Sabine Braines MIAEBP

Sabine is an experienced Consultant, Therapist and member of the International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy specialising in the psychological training course The Thrive Programme and Hypnotherapy.  In addition to treating fears, phobias, Emetophobia, panic attacks and anxieties, Sabine is also trained to treat PTSD using the Rewind Technique and uses The Rob Kelly Method to help Smokers quit in just one session.

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Whether you are trying to break a habit, feel confident, feel in control, or achieve your goals and really thrive, you can phone 07971 461948 or email any time for advice or to book an appointment.

what can our therapy and cognitive training help with?

Sun behind cloudWe all deserve to be happy, healthy, content and successful, if you feel that you are not leading the life that you want to lead then some one-to-one
sessions tailored to your requirements will help you to achieve all of this.

Whatever your individual situation or problem Contact Trevose House Therapy Fareham, Hampshire on 07971 461948 any time for advice or to book an appointment.

A full list of symptoms that we can help with can be found on the Symptoms Treated page.

By building up our inner resources, our confidence and our self-esteem we can deal with any situation…

stop smoking in ONE session?

PageLines- shutterstock_20716609.jpgI have helped many smokers to stop smoking in just a single 90 minute session.  Sounds easy?  If you
want to become a non-smoker – it really is easier than you may think using a combination of cognitive techniques and hypnosis!

Contact Trevose House Therapy Fareham, Hampshire on 07971 461948 any time to book your stop smoking session.